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Friday, October 1, 2010

i dislike Vespula vulgaris


yesterday i discovered a wasp in my room. As an insectophobe, i freaked out. i spent hours hiding outside my room and then trying to kill it. Though i didn't finish the job, i managed to wound it. it managed to hide, though, before i could finish the job. I assumed it had crawled off to die alone.

But I was wrong. the next morning i awoke to the buzzing of a wasp, the same who i had fought the previous night. I was distraught, but i went to work attacking it with a shoe. once again i thought i had killed it, but hours later it showed itself, buzzing at me angrily. At this point, I grabbed my things and headed out. I hope when i get back, it will have died. I can only wonder in dread what i will have to do if it is still alive, buzzing insidiously around in the small confines of my room.

Also have some music!

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  1. the bug version of frosty the snowman
    it dies, but you know it'll be back again one day