so lonely ; A;

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Had to walk through a snow storm the other night. Gotta love minnesota.
Halloween is coming up. I won't be doing anything for it though. Oh well.
Might be getting internet soon but I won't count on it. Can't think of anything else to say.

Forever boring.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'll be honest: I never actually saw the original Tron. I probably will soon.
But the new one coming out looks kind of cool, to be honest, and the soundtrack is being done by Daft Punk. The ones they have released sound awesome, reminds me of Mass Effect. So Even if the movie sucks, I'll be able to use these songs for something!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


First of all, for those who remember, I was accosted by a vespid of some sort for a bit. I found his corpse last weekend, however, so he has been dealt with.

In other boring news about me, I am in the middle of planning like 10 PnP games. I have plans for to run an EXALTED game, a continuation of a D&D game I've run forever, as well as a few small existing games. It'd be much easier if I actually had internet at my house. 

Anyway, MUSIC.

Friday, October 1, 2010

i dislike Vespula vulgaris


yesterday i discovered a wasp in my room. As an insectophobe, i freaked out. i spent hours hiding outside my room and then trying to kill it. Though i didn't finish the job, i managed to wound it. it managed to hide, though, before i could finish the job. I assumed it had crawled off to die alone.

But I was wrong. the next morning i awoke to the buzzing of a wasp, the same who i had fought the previous night. I was distraught, but i went to work attacking it with a shoe. once again i thought i had killed it, but hours later it showed itself, buzzing at me angrily. At this point, I grabbed my things and headed out. I hope when i get back, it will have died. I can only wonder in dread what i will have to do if it is still alive, buzzing insidiously around in the small confines of my room.

Also have some music!