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Friday, September 24, 2010


++14:53, 143.M42, Dawn of the New Year. Inquisitorial Flagship Blackguard's Boon. Hololithic Tactica Room. Orbitting Hatred IV.++

++Thought of the day: Only in death does duty end++

The Lord Inquisitor carried himself slowly, barely looking at his trusted servants. He rounded the table as Hortense nodded to him and says "Good Afternoon, Lord Inquisitor. I apologize about the failure in Hive Fearbor-", but she found herself interrupted as the Inquisitor says "You didn't fail. You just got shot when you shouldn't have"

Hortense stopped, confused, as Outremer sat down at his thronelike chair at the end of the table. "I didn't fail? What do you mean, Sir? The Mutants discovered me and we had to pull out" Hortense asks. Outremer shifted his hat and leaned forward a bit. "Yes. I needed to confirm that the cult even existed, and then force their hand. You did that well enough. The problem now is dealing with them"

Barney looked around incredulously, and then says "If I can ask, sir, why is that a problem? Hell, we in this room here could probably Exterminate them all, and we have thousands of soldiers in this ship alone! You own one of the Inquisitorial Fleets, for Emperor's sake!"

Outremer stared at Barney for a moment, before quietly stating "A heavy hand here won't work, I've already tried it. Lord Sector Valiencei demanded that I halt the blockade on Hatred IV. Besides, trying to track down all of the Cultists by force would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, and would draw the hatred of the civilians."

Orville agreed, saying "Yea', th' Inquisitor is right. It'd turn into a guerrilla fight quick, and Empera' knows we don't need that in the biggest hive in the Gap o' Sorrow right now, the Battelean Forces could storm us at any time."

Hortense pipes in too, in disagreeance with them "I agree with Barney, Inquisitor. We need to put the pressure on any Cults this near to Battelean. If they managed to take out the Governor and smash or convert the PDF, they could cede to the Arch-Heretic" she stared into the murky-grey eyes of the venerated Inquisitor. She hated defying him, despite her status within his group, but this was an important matter.

The Inquisitor finally shakes his head. "No. That won't work. On top of what I said before, my Inquisitorial Fleet is needed in the Utheran Reach Subsector. I just got word that the Arcturus Panic Reavers has attacked a series of Agri-Worlds"

"The Panic Reavers? How did an entire army of Traitor Guardsmen get through Imperial Space without getting shattered by the Imperial Navy?" Hortense asks, incredulously. She knew that the Traitors of Arcturus had been causing trouble for over a century, but for the last 10 years they had been confined to the Battelean Sub-Sector with the forces of the festering Chaos-Empire growing within.

"That is one of the questions I am going to be investigating. No one knows how they managed it, yet." Inquisitor Outremer says in his usual even, quiet tone. "But regardless, the idea is still not feasible. By the time we eradicate the cult on Hatred IV, the Arcturus Reavers could make their way to more important planets. In the same vein, if we wait, the cult could escape to other planets or dig in even more by the time we deal with the Reavers."

Orville nodded. "True. Wehl, I suppose we coul' just call in another Inquisitor with time on their 'ands, yea?" Hortense hated to agree, but that plan made the most sense to her, so far. She just hated how it seemed that when it rained, it poured. She had wanted a chance to pay them back.

"No. That won't work either, I've already checked with the Hereticus Inqusitors I can personally sway. High Inquisitor Skythia is busy chasing the Sword of Light because of that damned Prophecy, Inquisitor Iniquiet is in the middle of an investigation on Toksaurbo, and Janesse Chel is Emperor-knows-where, out in the Oghma Rift, I have no idea when she will get back." Outremer says in a measured tone.

"Damn. I suppose Ordos Xenos and Malleus are too busy to help us?" Barney asks, probably already knowing the answer. The Inqusitors of the Conqvist Sector were notoriously segregated due to the nature of the Conqvistian Inquisitorial Fleets. Most Inquisitors in the same Ordos are pained to help each other, let alone those of other Ordos.

The Inquisitor nods slowly. "Quite. Henrikson insists he is busy, and I can't even reach that old, self-righteous fool Kaldar Hale. Trying to track down their subordinates is even more difficult"

Barney groans and leans back in his seat. "Then why not do as I said before? Send me down there, with a squad of Stormtroopers. We'll hit the last known coordinates, take out the Mutants, and then we'll just watch the hive for a while to make sure it sticks. No full deployments or complaints from the damned fool Valiencei or any of his underlings, and you'll be able to take the fleet to the Near-Oghma Subsector!" he says passionately. Angkhor nodded slightly, signalling his agreement to this plan.

"I can't send you and a group of stormtroopers down there. You have the most experience in fighting the Arcturus Panic Reavers out of anyone in this room, and I need every veteran soldier I have to finish them off for good." Outremer says firmly, pushing his wide-brimmed hat back.

Anghkor planetside? We can meet up with your latest cell of Acolytes you have waiting in Hive Vilefen, move them to Fearborn, and take out the Cult? I won't be any use against the reavers anyway, and Sukhon is better tracking and hunting than he is fighting toe-to-toe on the battlefield!"

The Inquisitor sighed quietly and pinched the bridge of his nose. He then looks up slightly and says "...Very well, Hortense. Begin the preparations."

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